The rich Biodiversity found within the Mount Cameroon Region which has let to the appellation Hot spot in terms of biodiversity has greatly contributed to the influx of tourists to this Region. The diversity in nature, flora and fauna made up of natural sites, endemic, rare, indigenous and near extinct species respectively jointly contribute to attract tourists from diverse back grounds, race, religion, nationality to this region. Read more about Eco tourism......



Cameroon situated in the heart of Africa is considered a bird watching destination in the Central African Sub-Region because of her geographical location. Cameroon has more than 900 bird species in 76 families, 20 specialty species and 18 endangered species. Cameroon is an Endemic Bird Area (EBA) with the mount Cameroon Region, the Bamenda highlands and the Northern part of the country making this endermism. Read more on birding



Cameroon with more than 250 ethnic groups makes it to have a rich diversity of culture that attracts tourists of different origins to come and visit and even study some of the languages. some of the popular ethnic groups are the Bamilike, Bassa, Banso, Bafut, Bali, the Fufuldeh, the Hausa, Bantu, Baka etc. See more on cultural tours via this link







                                         SOME CULTURAL FEATURES IN THE FAR NORTH REGION



Cameroon, for many centuries is known to be African in miniature. This simply means that Cameroon has the best of all in central and West Africa with regards to its beautiful beaches, wild life, and the Waza Park is the most popular and richest in the CEMAC region. Elephants, Lions, giraffes, cobs, gazelles, numerous birds Species and many more, make your trip more enjoyable. Other famous safari parks are the Benoue, Faro, Bouba Njida where wild life is at its best. Our experienced guides and local field trackers will offer you an unforgettable SAFARI venture. See more......