Who we are


Foster the enhancement and of the tourism and handicraft industry for sustainable development



Pioneering the provision of Eco tours, cultural tours, bird watching and handicrafts as avenues for social economic and cultural enrichment of both the various industries.  



Develop ecotourism as an instrument for biodiversity conservation and livelihood improvement in Mount Cameroon region and beyond.

Specific Objectives,

  • To design and implement tour packages in bird watching, adventure trips ecotourism trips, safaris, and cultural tourism.
  • To supplement the income and improve the livelihood of crafts men and women through the production and marketing of their crafts.
  • Training of handicapped persons and youths in craft production and eco-tour activities in the south west Region and beyond.
  • To protect and preserve the rich cultural heritage of Cameroon
  • Provide centre for exhibition and sales of crafts for poverty alleviation and livelihood improvement of local communities.

Increase revenue of small and medium size enterprises (Communities) involved in non timber forest product (NTFP) sector and conserve NTFP resources




        Adventures

        Bird watching

        Safaris Tours

        Jungle Expeditions

        Village Discoveries/home stays

        Traditional palace festivals/cultural tourism

        Eco tourism/rainforest hikking

        Special guided excursions

        Business Tourism

        Car Rental Services

        Organization of conferences/seminars

        Training of crafts men/women in the domain of craft making.