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Pieter Vrey

Quotes Our 2-week trip to Cameroon in March 2012 was arranged by Benjamin Jayin (Benji). We've made use of local guides in around the world before but never before had the services of such a wonderfully professional, well-prepared, friendly and accommodating guide. Throughout our 2-week trip he was extremely helpful, catered to our whims and fancies, had back-up plans in place for any eventuality (some of which came our way), is excellent company and a fantastic ambassador for Cameroon. Quotes
Pieter Vrey
Excellent guide!

Quotes Greetings from Czech Republic, in the rainy season (in order to avoid "crowds" of tourists:) of 2010 I have spent 2 months by travelling through Gabon, CAR and Cameroon. By the end of my journey I went to Limbe to meet Benjamin J. J, with which I got in touch before and we roughly agreed the program. Together with another two nice guys - Emanuel and Samuel, we have climbed the summit of Mt. Cameroon, and after that we were exploring the ecosystem and wildlife in the Bimbia forest on the coast. It was very nice and unforgottable experience, and I hope I will be able to come back at some point in the future. The cooperation with Benjamin was very fine and reliable. Thanks a lot! Arthur Quotes
Arthur F. Sniegon

Quotes A TESTIMONIAL FROM A FORMER CLIENT. I traveled through Cameroon with my friends, a group of five from Hungary, in November 2005. After a visit to the Eastern region we returned to Yaound? and headed to the West: Douala and on to Limbe. We met Benji (Benjamin Jayin Jomi) at the reception of the Limbe Botanic Garden. We wanted to visit Mt Etinde, Mt Cameroon, the Korup forest and Mt Kupe and Benji gave us a rough calculation of all expenses (transport, accommodation, porters, entrance fees) as one package. The prices were reasonable so we agreed and spent the next two weeks together with Benji in a very rich programme. The next morning we started off for Mt Etinde and climbed it in one day. Then we spent four days on Mt Cameroon, taking the "standard" route from Buea to the summit and descend to Bokwango. Quotes
Tamas Nemes