Cameroon situated in the heart of Africa is considered a bird watching destination in the Central African Sub-Region because of her geographical location. Cameroon has more than 900 bird species in 76 families, 20 specialty species and 18 endangered species. Cameroon is an Endemic Bird Area (EBA) with the mount Cameroon Region, the Bamenda highlands and the Northern part of the country making this endemism.


Bird watching in Cameroon has been developed by Birdlife International who trained most of the workers related to conservation projects in Cameroon like the Kilum Ijim mountain project and the mount Cameroon project who in turn trained others in conservation projects around the country and by so doing enhanced the conservation of biodiversity. The training of local guides in some eco-tourism sites in the country encouraged the guides to have interest in birding, thus these birds’ species can be protected and as Cameroon have so many reserves and National parks in the country, these endangered and endemic bird species can not be extinct because there is the development of ecotourism and even more the creation of community forest that also sees into the sustainable use of the natural resources hence the protection of biodiversity.

Today, many visitors will want to visit Cameroon not only for birding but also because of her rich cultural heritage and hospitality (Africa in miniature) and can be visited all year round.

 I encourage birders to easily identify birding areas in Cameroon with no fear of insecurity and with an in-depth knowledge of the local people where birding is carried out by offering the various tours as below;

Cameroon is a habitat of over 900 species of the most African best birds. With the diverse equatorial coastal forest, mountain and savanna forest to the edge of the Sahara desert makes Cameroon a veritable destination for bird lovers.

Birdwatching in Cameroon

Cameroon with more than 900 bird species in 76 families, 7 endemic and 20 specialty species, is not well known for birding, even if it is the richest West African country for birdwatching.


 Part of the lower Guinea Endemic Bird Area (EBA) with six bird species found nowhere else in the world, and Cameroon's highly diverse habitat with lowland tropical rainforest, mangrove swamps and beaches to the south and west combined with Pro-Sahelian savanna in the northern provinces, makes it a birdwatchers paradise.
Of the endemics the Red-headed Picathartes or Grey-necked Rockfowl is the most famous, and well worth the trek into Korup National Park to visit the Picathartes Knoll, where the birds come into roost every night.

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