TOUR ITINERARY: Douala – Buea – Kumba – Mundemba – Nyassoso – Bamenda - Limbe – Douala.

 DAY (1)

·         Arrival at Douala international airport, reception by guide, brief description of Cameroon, proper explanation of tour, shopping and night at Foyer du Marine.

DAY (2)

·         Early wake up, birding on the Douala, Yaounde high way on some ponds and River Sanaga for the whole day, return to Doual and continue to Buea at the foot of mount Cameroon where the night will be spent after dinner at Capitol Hotel. Expected to see Hartlaubs ducks, Persuses cliff swallows and African skimmers, Grey pratincole, just to name a few.

DAY (3)

·         Early wake up and go birding the whole day on mount Cameroon. Expected to see African Grey Parrots, mount Cameroon Francolin, Yellow- billed Turaco, Fernandopo Olive back, Mount Cameroon Speirops, Yellow Breasted Boubou, Mountain Robin chat, mountain Saw-wing, Western Mountain Greenbul and others. Return by 4.00pm and drive to Kumba at dusk dinner and night at Vianello Hotel.

DAY (4)

  • Early wake up, do some birding at the Barombi Mbo Lake, return for late breakfast or lunch before continuation to Mundemba (note that the roads will be rough and dusty). We shall get to Mundemba by evening, have dinner and night will be spent at Boseme inn.

DAY (5)

  • Early breakfast then we go to the Mana foot bridge where we will do some birding and continue to the Rengo camp (Be prepared for a long distance forest walk 8km to get there). Expected to see African Grey Parrot, Rock Pratincole, Hadada Ibisis, Grey Heron, Great Blue Turaco Green Hylia, Ictering Greenbul, Brown Illadopsis, Great Blue Turaco, Blue Cuckoo Shrike, Brown Chested Allethe, Red Bellied Paradise Flycatcher, Western Black-Headed Oriole, Yellow Bellied Wattle-eye, Shinning Drongo, Black Casqued Hornbill, Yellow Throated Tinker Bird, Rufous Flycatcher Thrush and many more. Have lunch, rest and visit the Picathartes knoll quietly to see if the Rock fowl is there and return to the camp dinner and night.

DAY (6)

  • The next day we wake up, have break fast and do birding on our way back to the  bridge by noon where a stand by vehicle will take us to Nyassoso where we will spend the night in the women’s centre.           

DAY (7)

  • Early wake up, breakfast and go birding the whole day on Mount Kupe and return by evening. Expected to see; Naked faced Barbet, Spotted Greenbul, Chestnut wattle-eye, Brown-Crowned Eremomela, White-Spotted Flufftail, Emerald Cuckoo, Black-throated Apalis, African Harrier Hawk, Red-Eyed Puffback, Yellow Longbill, Red-Necked Buzzard, Mount Kupe Bush Shrike, Purple-throated Cuckoo-Shrike, Grey Parrot, Yellow Breasted Boubou, Grey-headed Broadbill, Bar-Tailed Trogon and many more.

DAY (8)

  • Early morning birding and continuation to the Bakossi Mountain in the village of Kodmin or  Lake Edip for birding, return at dusk, dinner and night.

 DAY (9)

  • Early birding, breakfast and drive to Bamenda while birding on the way, installation in the Ayaba Hotel hotel dinner and night.

 DAY (10)

  • Early breakfast, drive to Big Babanki or Bafut Nguemba forest for birding and return in the evening dinner and night in Bamenda. Expectations Banded Wattle-eye, Bamenda Apalis, Bannerman’s Turaco and Weaver, Bate’s Weaver, Oriole Finch, Bangwa Forest Warbler, Mountain Boubou, Africa Green-Pigeon, Yellow Bishop, Cameroon Mountain Greenbul, Chestnut-Winged Starling, Petit’s Saw-wing, Short-toed eagle, Cassin’s Hawk-Eagle, Red-Necked Buzzard, Brown-backed cisticula and many more.

DAY (11)

  • Early wake up and after breakfast, drive to Awing, do some birding and continue to Limbe via Dschang and Santcho while birding on the way and install at the Miramare hotel at dusk, dinner and night.

DAY (12)

  • Early wake up, birding in the Limbe Botanic Garden and wildlife Centre, break for lunch. In the afternoon, visit the 1999 Lava flow at Bakingili and do some birding at the beach, return at dusk, evening birding at down beach, dinner at the fish market and night. Expected to see Western Blue bill, Giant Kingfisher, Long tailed Cormorant, Carmelite Sunbird, Palm nut Vulture, Violet-Tailed Sunbird, Yellow- Casqued Hornbill, Green Turaco, Western Reef Egret, African Grey parrot and more.

DAY (13)

  • Early morning birding, relaxation, have lunch, assemble bags, resume of tour, comments and suggestions for the future. Drive to Douala, go for shopping and farewell dinner at the mud flats behind Foyer du Marine, and escort birders to the airport and end of tour.



INCLUDED IN TOUR PRICES; Vehicle (4wheel) +driver, entrance, porters and guide fees, all meals, water, accommodation (based on single occupancy) and camping fees.

NOT INCLUDED; international flight, travel insurance, other drinks (wine whisky, beer, coffee) photo camera/video (At the Botanic Gardens and wildlife centre), tips at birders discretion, airport departure tax.