Traditional Palace Festivals/Cultural Tourism

Cameroon’s arts and folklore is one of the most ancient traditions of the central and West Africa. We have been supporting some of these traditional festivals in order to encourage their continuity for tourists and other researchers. Following our annual traditional calendar, we will take you to Ngaoundere to see the NYEM-NYEM, to Bafut and Bali for the Lela, to Douala for the Ngondo, to Foumban for the Ngoun, to Bandjoun, to Bangante etc. For two to five days, you will be at the core of African Traditional music. Some times you may be opportune to be initiated or called in to an ancestral house where spirits are being evoked. Muslems feasts such as mouton, tabaski etc are not left out of this trip if you are lucky to be around during this period. 


2).Cultural stay with the Baka pygmies in south cameroon,Djoum area and in west cameroon,peoples of the mountains.

Itinerary of Yaounde-Mfou - Opweng-Ebogo- Bangante-Bafoussam-Jakiri-Bamenda-Dschang-Kribi-Pongo Songo-Douala  .

Duration :  10 days and 9 nights 

Type of vehicle: 4X4 advisable 

Night in a private home at Opweng - a Locality situated close to the Gorilla Sanctuary of Mengame -about 43km to Djoum ( a Village that harbours a good number of the  Bakas indigenes –Pygmy- leaving  in  huts).

Tourist interests: Watching of wildlife, meet local population; spendiing  one nigh in a pygmy’s hut, discover the  Culture of the inhabitants of the mountains, the Kribi bath/diving attractions. 

Day 1: Yaounde-MINTOUR 

Arrival at the Yaounde Nsimalen airport, transfer into a  hotel , rest, dinner. 

Day 2: Yaounde- Mfou Park -Opweng 

 Breakfast, departure for the  Mfou park. watch gorillas, chimpanzees and mandrills in a park of  transition situated at 45 minutes drive from Yaounde. Continuation to Opweng via Djoum. Stop-over at Essong to discover the first Baka village (Pygmy) and Continuation to Yen and Opweng. Installation at the home of an inhabitant. Cultural Evening organized by the Bakas and the Fang. Traditional dances, rituals and tales, Night .

Day 3: Opweng  

Very early wake-up (7 a.m). Installation at table. Traditional breakfast made up of Medim menzong (a local specialty composed of garden eggs and mixed vegetables boiled in

water). Pedestrian hikes in the forest in the company of the Pygmy (three hours of walk).  Return to the village, meeting of the population, sharing, and lunch composed of traditional Fang. 

In the afternoon, traditional dances of Bakas, sessions of traditional healing  and hunting of small livestock (Class C). Dinner and night. 

Day 4: Opweng-Djoum-Ebogo-Yaounde 

Early wake-up and departure after breakfast to Ebogo (via Sangmelima). 

 Stop-over at Sangmelima, discovery of the city and continuation to Ebogo.  

To visit: village of Ebogo, village of fishermen of Soassi. 

To do: canoeing  in order to discover the falls,  Bird - Watching, Pedestrian hike in the plantations. Get on the road for Yaounde after a stop-over in the city of Mbalmayo (former colonial city). Continuation to Yaounde and check-in to the hotel, meal in an exotic restaurant of the capital. Return to the hotel and night. 

Day 5: Yaounde-Bangante-Bandjoun-Bafoussam 

Early wake-up and departure to Bandjoun. Stop-over at Bangante for  breakfast.  After breakfast, continuation to Bandjoun.  

To visit: Palace and Royal museum, then continuation to Bafoussam and visit of  the Royal Palace, have  lunch in a carefully chosen restaurant.  

Get on the road  for Foumban to Dine and spend the night(in Tayindi). 

Day 6: Foumban-Jakiri-Bamenda 

Early wake-up and departure after breakfast to Foumban.  

To visit: handicraft center, visit of the village of blacksmiths, visit of the Royal Palace (a cultural heritage ), take on the  Ring Road, Stop-over in Wainama for photographs of landscape. Deviation to the Palace of the Fon of Babungo (this chief was a great statesman of the  Cameroon Nation. A good lot of arts objects found in the palace of Foumban and in crafts centers of Bamenda are of  Babungos origin). The Fon’s palace has been restored thanks to  financing by the American government, after the chief's death about 10 years ago. Then get on the way to continue to Bamenda. Check-in at Ayaba hotel. Dinner and night. 

 Day 7: Bamenda-Bafut - Dschang  

Early wake-up and breakfast. Get on the road to Bafut, Visit of  the Palace  and the arts  Museum, return to the  city, visit of Prescraft center (handicrafts center) and of a typical market. Get on the way to Dschang,  

Check –in to the hotel,to have lunch and departure (after a brief visit of a typical market) for the falls of Mami water.  

To do: hiking  in the sacred forest and discover the forest of the Mami-wata fall,get back on the road  to return to the city of Dschang. Dinner at hotel and night. 

Day 8: Dschang-Kribi 

Early wake-up and departure for Kribi.Deviation at Melong to discover the falls of Ekom-Nkam. Pick nick,Breakfast, Continue to Douala, where a stop-over is envisaged for  lunch. Continuation to Kribi after the lunch. Arrival in the later part of afternoon, Check–in to the hotel. Dinner and night.  

Day 9: Kribi. Whole day in Kribi 

To visit: falls of the Lobe, German light house where the visitors will have the opportunity to eat fish with their feet in water. free Afternoon, bathing and Night.  

Day 10: Kribi-Pongo Songo 

Early wake-up and departure for Pongo Songo to discover the island of  chimpanzees, the first Catholic church constructed in 1890, and the 7 lakes of Ossas. Then to get on the highway  for Douala. Afternoon will be dedicated to various shoppings in the flower  market .

A send-off dinner  and departure to the airport and takeoff. End of the visit. 


- Services of the guide - Vehicle + driver - Lodging - complete feeding – Access fees to sites – Canoes/boats - Water - Shuttling (airport-hotel ).


- Insurance - Tips - Supplement single - personal Purchases - Other drinks (aperitifs, wine, syrup, coffee, tea, infusion, beer, champagne) - Tax on stay - Facilities - Eventual visits -  Taxi/cab –photo camera/video.