BENJAMIN JAYIN JOMI is one of the leading and outstanding Tourism guide in Cameroon with a ministerial recognition from the ministry of Tourism as guide with decision No 068/A/MINTOUR/SG/DET/SDAC/SA obtained in 2006. He is also a professional birding guide in Cameroon with experience from the Limbe Botanic Garden.

          I am a volunteer nature interpreter with the Limbe Botanic Garden and a professional birding guide around the mount Cameroon region and beyond. I was doing birding as a hobby because I was so close to nature and birds are making part of nature. Later on, I began to find myself involve in ecotourism as there was always the need for guides so I attended some eco-guides training courses organized by the Limbe Botanic Garden and a birding guides training organized  with the support from the World Tourism Organization, Cameroon Biodiversity Conservation Society and others. Presently, I do organize birding trips to birders who come to Cameroon. The training I did on birding has enable me to get in contact with many birders who come to Cameroon with no knowledge of  seeing a birding guide  and when they get in contact with me, they find their trip to be very exiting and enjoyable.The photo below was taken when i was doing recording of bird sounds for Michigan State university of USA in March 2009.


 Recording of Birds Sounds in the Korup National Park