Number of days: 14 days / 13nights 

Particular products proposed 

First part: safari-discovery, culture, and bathing (to tan himself at the end of the circuit)  

Interests of the circuit: Meet the populations of Mountain in Rhumsiki and in Oudjilla. Culture of the Bororos to Garoua, meeting of the Lamidos or sultans;  Safari and discovery of the parks of Waza and Benoue in the North of Cameroon

Day 1: Paris CDG - Douala 

Arrival at the airport of Douala. Welcome by guide KERLJ. Transfer to the hotel. 

Day 2: Douala 

Whole day in Douala,Tour of city: youpwe-market Sandaga - If possible island of Djebale. At the end of afternoon, take off for Garoua. Arrival at Garoua, installation and night. 

Day 3: Garoua-Rhumsiki 

Early wake-up and departure to Maroua by road. Arrival at Maroua Salak, to take the road for Rhumsiki. Stopover in Mokolo for rest. Continuation for Rhumsiki.Arrival at Rhumsiki, installation to the hotel. After a rest, to have lunch. Visit of the wizard of the crabs, He consults with the help of a crab and makes you some disturbing enough revelations on your life. Visit of the district of the weavers. Return to the hotel, to dine and night. 

Day 4: Rhumsiki 

Whole day in Rhumsiki. Pedestrian Rando toward the villages Nigerians. Return in Rhumsiki, to eat lunch and rest .Observation of the sunset.Visit of the museum, traditional dances, dine and night.

Day 5 Rhumsikis - Tourou-Djinglya 

Early wake-up and departure after the breakfast for Tourou where you will discover one, colorful enough typical market where the women are covered with calabash.  

Arrival at the market, visit of the market, some photos with the populations (after demand).   

Then to take the track in the beginning of afternoon for Djinglya. Installation in the Camp. Visit of the traditional Chief and visit of the artisanal cooperative.  

Trekking at the end of afternoon on the mountain. Return to the camp, to dine and night.  

Day 6: Djinglya-Oudjilla-Waza 

Wake-up and departure after the breakfast in Oudjilla. 

 Arrival in Oudjilla, welcome by the traditional chief and his wives. Visit of the chefferie (the chief has 50 wives). traditional Dances executed by the chief's wives.  Return on the axis to take the road to Mora, stopover to visit the Mora-Massive (site of the  massif or area of the general district of the French,German and English soldiers who dead during World War II. Continuation in Waza, installation to the camp to dine and night. 

Day 7: Waza-Maga 

Whole morning to make the Safari in the park.In afternoon, road to Maga by the South entry of the park.Installation in the camp Safari Danaï, visit of the market of Maga or Pouss. 

Return to the camp and night. 

Day 8: Maga-Maroua 

Breakfast and excursion by dugout on the lake to discover the hippoppos and the village of Kaye Kaye. Return to the port and visit of the slots of shell therefore the construction has been made thanks to the financing of the  French cooperation, road to Maroua, installation at the hotel to Dine with the inhabitants in the district Plane  (by choice).  

Day 9: Maroua-Guider-Garoua 

Wake-up and visit of the city,walk through the artisanal center and the museum of art, village of tanners and blacksmiths, Road of the tradipractitioners. Purchase of  gifts and departure at the end of morning for Garoua by Guider (Throats of Kola). Stopover in Bidzar to visit the traces of the dinosaurs. Back to Guider. 

To make: a pedestrian hike in the region of marbles, Trekking in the throats of kola. To eat lunch, pick nuts and continuation to Garoua. Installation at  the hotel to Dine and night. 

Day 10: Garoua-Park of Benoue 

Early wake-up and departure for the camp of the black buffalo (park of Benoue). Arrival at the park, installation in the camp and rest.  

Reserved afternoon for the activities of discovery: Laugh to the hippoppos, observation of the animals (elephants, elands of Derby, Cob of Buffon). Return to the camp, to dine and night. 

Day 11: Park of Benoue-Lagdo 

Whole day in the camp of the black buffalo.Departure in beginning of afternoon to Lagdo. Installation at the Blue Lagoon situated  very close to the lake. Typical construction, traditional architecture.Rest, lunch then discovery of the village and the dam. Return to the camp, to dine and night. 

Day 12: Lagdo-Garoua-Douala .

 Early wake-up and excursion toward the islands by dugouts.  

Return to the lagoon and visit of the dam, then road to Garoua at the end of morning where you will attend the prayer of Friday in Demsa. The exit of the Lamido will be accompanied by fantasia that colored to the ceremony of prayer. Return to Garoua; visit of the Bororos at the central market (to foresee the visit rightly after the prayer of Demsa). visit of the hippoppos (Africa) of the Benoue stream.Rest in a restaurant and departure to the airport of Garoua. Takeoff for Douala. Transfer for the hotel to Dine and night.  

Day 13: Douala-Limbe. 

Early wake-up and departure for Limbe via Buea. Visit of the Palace of Von Putkamer, then take the road to join the city of Limbe, installation in the hotel. to Eat lunch and rest. Excursion in Idenau and Debuncha, rando on solidified lava at Bakingili.Return to the hotel, bathing, to dine and night. 

Day 14: Limbe-Douala. 

Wake-up and departure to city after the breakfast.Visit of the Limbe Wild life Centre (Zoo) and then, the Botanical Garden. Road to Bimbia to discover the route of the slaves and the first missionaries. Return to the city for lunch(fresh fish)with feet in water at Down Beach.  

Depature to Douala same after noon. Purchase of  gifts in the market of flowers, central market (if possible). To dine in an exotic restaurant.  

Transfer to the airport of Douala. Takeoff for Paris and end of the visit. 



Services of the guide - Vehicle + driver - Ticket of plane (Douala-Garoua-Douala) - Lodging - complete Pension - Expenses of visit of the sites - dugout - Water - Routing (airport-hotel shuttle) 


- Insurance - Gratuity - Supplement single - personal Purchases - Other drinks (aperitifs, wine, syrup, coffee, tea, infusion, beer, champagne) - Tax of stay - Facilities - The possible visits - The taxi cab-photo camera/video.